Cervia’s Natural Park and Magazzini del Sale


27, 28 e 29 august 2021

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Entheos derives from the Greek εν του θεού ουσία, and it contains the etymology of the word “enthusiasm”, our internal fuel that will ignite this next edition of Yamm where we shall come together to celebrate Yoga, Environment, Music and Movement.

It’s thanks to our enthusiasm that we are able to fully live in the Present Moment and connect to our most profound and authentic Self. The practice of Bhakti, that means “to adore and be connected to the Divine”, is the fire and engine for this process. Its manifestation through chanting, movement and music will allow us to experience a blissful and joyous dimension, where we are capable of dissolving the borders between our local awareness and the Divine within us.

This year, Yamm Festival has chosen to use these tools to deepen our own relationship with the Divine, offering you days filled by music, dance and conscious movement, together with the regular variety of cultural proposals in terms of Yoga, Meditation and Environmentalism.


Thanks to practice, we desire to redefine our relationship with Nature, offering you the opportunity of discovering how the Pineta di Cervia can offer a safe, inclusive, conscious, accessible, ethical, respectful and ecological space for both nature and mind, with the objective of creating a sense of community and sharing.

Also aware of the fact that our full Human Potential is fostered by the group practices we offer and by the sense of connection to others, we would like to share the feeling of well-being that this Journey towards our true Self offers with the many people who desire to discover it.



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