Nadia Farahani.

Womb Yoga & Lunaria Institute founder

Nadia Farahani is a qualified teacher of Iyengar Yoga (Institut de Yoga Iyengar, Nice, France and RIMYI, Pune, India) and Womb Yoga (Yoni Shakti, UK), Ayurveda Therapist in Panchakarma Procedures (AP, Milan, Italy and SNA Oushadhasala, Thrissur, Kerala, India) and facilitator of variety of methods of Fertility Awareness, Feminine and Masculine Cyclical awareness and Sexual education.
She holds a BAC in Language and Culture Mediation with a focus on the Indian Subcontinent and has studied Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Siddha Yoga and Integral Yoga) in India for several years.
She practices and teaches Taoist and Tantric techniques that combine breath, movement and energy work.
She has studied with several indigenous masters and Amazonian shamans and over the years has integrated the oriental energy and movement arts with the spiritual wisdom acquired from both the East and the West.

In India she is dedicated to Art and to the Education of young people in the international town of Auroville, where she has lived for some years while studying the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

In Italy Nadia is the co-founder of Lunaria Institute, a school at the service of the health and well-being of women and of all those who want to live in harmony with the cycles of nature beyond gender.