Camilla Grassi.

Coordination ECOmercato

What can a body: from music to dance, yoga and the love of wave surfing, Cami was trained practicing artistic gymnastics from a very young age, which taught her the mechanics of music.
At 18 he moved on to dance, focusing on the mental and physical revolution of new bodily expressions in harmony with the 4 elements of nature.
Surfer passionate for over 15 years, since 2007 she has discovered yoga in the ocean on the SUP boards that she still teaches.
SUP Yoga , this is the name, is done on large and stable surfboards with exercises adapted to the sea and aimed at its connection.
Simple exercises available to everyone and all ages, which thanks to the movement of the table on the water, activate the physical micro-musculature of the proprioceptive technique (a technique also used by physiotherapists in the post-operative) improving posture, joints and psychophysical well-being, breathing sea ​​and its energy.

Saturday 29/08 and Sunday 30/08 sup lessons on reservation