Sole Weller.

Mind Mastery Method

Teaching yoga and meditation for almost 20 years has taken Solé across the globe and filled her life with enriching experiences. She travelled with Fleetwood Mac as a part of their wellness coaching family, she trained and rehabilitated a variety of professional athletes, had the honor of leading private wellness retreats for Oprah Winfrey.

The Mind Mastery Method that she is sharing at the festival is the culmination of over 2 decades of study and practice around the globe with secret jungle healers, master teachers, doctors, and PhD researchers. It’s her heartfelt wish, as Solé shares these ancient traditions and rituals, that those who participate will benefit as profoundly as she has.

MIND MASTERY METHOD: “The key to your success is mastering Your Mind”
Solé Weller’s signature method of true transformation combines the most beneficial principles of deep relaxation & yoga nidra with mindfulness coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy to address the root of subconscious issues that cause physical or emotional pain.

Mind Mastery quickly uncovers your underlying subconscious beliefs and replaces them with intentional strategies for success. Profoundly shift your behavior for long term integration into a new and elevated way of being.
Buh-bye unwanted limited beliefs, hello happiness!