Philippo Franchini.


Philippo Franchini, aka The Musical Alchemist, is a heartfelt singer, guitar player and a composer. Franchini’s sound has been described as lush, organic, meditative and at times experimental and psychedelic. Not afraid of taking chances, Philippo weaves together a wide range of musical genres from Indian Classical and Kirtan, Brazilian Pop, Reggae, Rock n’ Roll, Blues and Gospel.

Philippo is fascinated by the power of music to evoke and transform emotions and states of consciousness. His integration of Nada Yoga and Sound Healing creates an enlightened listening experience at festivals and workshops around-the-world. Philippo’s fifth album La Sirena is a culmination of his life’s work, and a joyful celebration of life. Philippo lives with his beautiful wife in both Santa Barbara, California and Tuscany, Italy.