Daniela Emiliani.

Bhakti Arena coordinator

Miss Peacock – Daniela Emiliani
After about twenty years in the fashion world, Daniela Emiliani revolutionizes her life to turn her passion into a job: now she joins the threads of Yoga – she met in 2008 – teaching it with love and devotion.
The stage name Miss Peacock is intended to be a tribute to the peacock as a guide animal, and to the wind of rebirth that has brought her since she became a yoga teacher.
He lives in Romagna, the land of his origins, in which he feels his roots are well planted.
He is a Yoga teacher for the age group 3-18 and a Yin Yoga teacher.
A pupil of Piero Pranav Casanova, she is currently attending the Yoga Alliance International Akhanda Yoga master.

Mystical Dònisi – concert practice with Miss Peacock and Jim Beckwith
Sunday 29 at 3.30 pm @Bhakti Arena
Dònisi, in ancient Greek, means “vibration”.
An example of how Yoga creates bridges, and unites worlds.
Vibrating. And sometimes this vibration manages to be so dense that it can almost be touched, moving limbs in unison, creating vibrational waves.
A practical concert of multilevel Hata Yoga devoid of words and indications, with the guidance of the body of Miss Peacock, and of the music of Jim Beckwit: Italy and the United States.