Alessandra Serafin.


Alessandra and Rory, slackline and yoga enthusiasts, will demonstrate and introduce you to the discipline of slackline: practice in which calm, concentration and balance come together. In slackline, as in yoga, it is essential to pay attention to the entirety of your body: from the coarser to the thinner aspect. The balance on this tape is possible when the body moves with control, the breath is fluid and the mind is free from any disturbance.

Alessandra started practicing yoga in 2012 and 5 years later she knows the slackline through friends, founders of Slackline Bologna ASD, of which she is now part. “The thing that fascinated me most is the happiness and serenity they showed after walking on a line, just like at the end of a yoga class .. then I wanted to start doing it too!” tell us.
For Rory, on the other hand, the path is reversed: as soon as she discovers the slackline she is passionate about it and since 2013 she has never abandoned it. He comes to Europe to practice Highline and approaches yoga, in particular meditation, which has also been achieved on the highline, where the mind must be educated to maintain peace, even if it is shaken by numerous thoughts and emotions.

As in the practice of yoga, repetition and constancy overcome the initial discomfort; Alessandra and Rory will be available to give you suggestions to start practicing this discipline.

Saturday 29/08 and Sunday 30/08 – demonstrations and balance games during the day