“We have nothing to fear and much to learn from the trees, whose vigorous and peaceful tribe that without holding back produces fortifying essences, soothing balms, and in whose graceful company we spend so many quiet, silent and intimate hours.”
(Marcel Proust)

I am a childhood educator, I have a nursery school in Ravenna I have been working with children and families for more than half of my years.
I am a mother of two different energies aged 19 and 16.
I met yoga at the age of 20 in Rome, but for a series of events I moved to Ravenna shortly after.
In 2015 again the encounter with yoga and then the path is every day, all breaths.
I teach Yogabambini from 2 to 18 years.
Yogafamily and Yoga in band.
The AIYB Yoga teacher training school of Lorena Pajaluna is enrolled in the second year of Santiniketan.
Confronting myself with her, we preferred to take a wider path, considering my relationship experience with children.
I already have a Yoga in band and FIF training.
I attended the specialchild yoga class because I worked with children with autism for a few years.
I teach in Ravenna, Russi and Faenza.
I love meditation and mindfullness with children and families very much.

The Gentle Tree

Yogabambini practice between kindness and nature, through a story of a kind tree with a thousand gifts.
Children will experience the many aspects of the tree between the senses, the body and the breath,
Vrksasana, the position of the tree in yoga within the practice will be a relaxation with the scent of the forest and the embrace of the tree.
Each child will be able to realize through a gift of the tree with natural materials.

Age 4- 10 years
Duration of the practice 1 h and 15 minutes.
What you need: a mat.