Premakumar Das.

Vedica astrology and kirtan

Premakumar Das (or Prema for friends) is an engineer passionate about the culture of ancient and traditional India, but read in a modern and updated key.
Consultant of Vedic Astrology, Yoga astrology, and founder of yogadellestelle.com, the Italian portal on the subject, he is also the author of “Between illusion and Reality. Meditation in Yoga “.
He teaches Indian philosophy in various teacher training sessions in Bologna and travels around Italy holding conferences on astrology and Vedic culture. He loves to tell the stories of Ramayana, Maha-bharata and Puranas in particular and loves the philosophy of the Bhagavad gita.
His greatest passion is Kirtan Yoga, group chanting of mantras, a simple, essential and involving practice, but at the same time profound and effective.