Mominatu Boog

Return to self

Mominatu Boog is a 500HR yoga instructor and community leader in Dakar, Senegal. A former model turned yogi, she began practicing yoga at the tender age of 17, with the intention of healing herself and others.

After a heart-wrenching loss, She found refuge on her mat by being able to express physically what she could not express emotionally.

From a place of healing her practice grew into a means of opening and awakening Mominatu has gone on to teach and study in India, Tanzania, New York, and her now home-base Dakar, Senegal.

Mominatu’s class is a return to self. You will move through resistance, create contraction, and feel the release in expression as you engage in dialogue with your body and mind. Mominatu’s classes create space to discover strengths, explore freedom, and reconnect to truth. She brings her love of music and dance to yoga and encourages her students to move, feel and live with full expression. Her classes are challenging, soulful, liberating but most importantly welcoming.