Samarpan Dev.

Crystal Alchemy Bowl

he began his spiritual journey in 2015 with reiki and at times also approaching Chinese medicine.

In 2017 he began his vinyasa-style yoga path, where he trained in Rishikesh in 2019. In 2019 in Peru he knows the Shamanis. His past as a DJ leads him to discover the “alchemy crystal bowls“. These crystal bells, infused with precious materials and tuned to certain frequencies, penetrate the body as the icaro do (chants of the shamans) and going deep, increase and help the cellular “reprogramming“, letting go of everything that is no longer useful on our way.
Through the millennial knowledge and practices transmitted and absorbed over time, harmony and openness and trust towards the world will be rediscovered, as well as states of bliss aimed at making our planet the so-called “earthly paradise“.

Saturday 29/08 h 11:00 – Crystal Alchemy Ball experience