Luca Maria Lalvezzi

Architecture & Feng Shui

Luca Maria Lavezzi is a Feng Shui Consultant
Teacher of Feng Shui, Domotherapy and Geobiology
Construction engineer / Architect
To achieve complete psychophysical well-being we need an environment suitable for us, which supports us, which allows us to direct our life in the desired direction and at the same time which recharges us to face the stimuli of the outside world.

Feng Shui, an ancient discipline of Chinese origin born over 5 thousand years ago, studies precisely the subtle relationship that binds man to the environment and which impulses the home and work environment are transmitted at a deep level.
Relying on a Feng Shui consultant means going to understand how to get the maximum benefit for ourselves from our spaces.
Those who know how to welcome Feng Shui interventions will benefit for a long time.

Luca Maria Lavezzi
Architecture & Feng Shui