Giulia Musini

Yoga revealed

Born among the scents of incense traveling the world, Giulia has belonged to the Yoga world since she was a child.
A book-worm, passionate about cultures, psychology, spirituality and everything related to the human being, she has made Yoga her work.
With more than 500 hours of training and thousands of hours spent with teachers around the world, Giulia will take you to that border within spirituality and anatomy, between sacred texts, pranayama, and profound discoveries.

Yoga revealed
The yogi’s path between mind and body, practice and spirit, knowledge and breath.
A meeting that will take you to discover the original yoga, described in ancient texts to be understood and adapted to our modern life.
We will touch and experience highlights as physical practice, meditation, pranayama, mantra, spirituality and cultural knowledge.
A classical and complete practice to rediscover with curiosity the strong and ancient roots of yoga.