Diego Maranini

Partner Yoga e Thai Massage

Diego is a business consultant, Yogin, AcroYogi and has been practicing with great passion for 5 years.
He explored many of the existing styles and methods in his practice, and participated in seminars with teachers from different traditions.
He has always been interested in finding unity through connection.
He also studied Thai-Yoga Thai massage intensively, obtaining the certificate of “Thai Massage Practitioner” in 2018 and is now studying a form of Taoist massage with an international school. In 2019 he began studying the Kaivalya Yoga method with Enrico Quintavalla, integrating body movement with pure nutrition and true Meditation as taught by Adyashanti.

Yoga partner
Partner Yoga is a way to connect with another person’s essence and yours. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, lover or parent! It is a practice within everyone’s reach and you don’t need to come as a couple to participate.
It is not even essential to have already practiced yoga, the support of another person will make postures much easier.

In this practice, which involves body movement and breathing techniques, practitioners learn to perceive their own energy in relation to that of their partner through listening and contact.

The self-awareness, which yoga with a partner awakens, is multiplied by two by the energy generated by each person, it is also an intercommunication game in which practitioners will be gently guided by the roar of their mind towards the peace of silence.
By practicing with a partner, the energy centers of one body merge with those of the other, and this greatly increases the exchange of vitality and synchronicity between the two.

Thai massage
A guided class of this ancient millenary practice based on digital pressure that combines the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, a form of massage performed on the ground that is carried out dressed, without oil and gives both to those who receive it and to who performs it many benefits.

✔️ Sense of well-being
✔️ Muscle relaxation
✔️ Correct circulation of energy
✔️ Release of toxins
✔️ Stimulation of the lymph nodes