Dante Basili.

Moving with nature

Maestro Dante Basili began practicing martial arts in 1969 at the age of six.
He founded the Tiandihe School where he currently teaches Tang Lang Quan and Tai Ji Quan Chen style, Shou Bo as a communal combat experience and other methods and styles to small groups of people
In the Italian panorama the master StandS out for his eclecticism: for example, he offers courses and seminars of Traditional Archery, Miao Dao, Sai, Traditional Calligraphy, Art of knots, and the game of Wei Qi, better known by the Japanese name of Go.

In 1974 he began studying with M ° Dan Sita, of the then National Academy of Kung Fu, who passed on to him the passion for Chinese language and calligraphy, traditional medicine and meditation, all aspects of the art that M ° Dante Basili still cultivates today.
After years of study at the Academy he feels the need to know other styles and begins the practice of Shaolin (Mei Hua Quan) and Tai Ji Quan in the school of M ° Chang Dsu Yao and Wing Chun with different masters of which the most important is Wong Shun Leung.
After the Shaolin experience, master Dante Basili continues his martial research and graduates in Shuai Jiao and Shou Bo under the guidance of master Yuan Zumou, he perfects the internal styles with Men Hui Feng, Guo Ming Xu, Ye Shao Long, Jou Tsung Wha, Ma Hong.

MOVING WITH NATURE: Wind, Fire, Water and the Snake
Exercises in pairs to meet and harmonize with “the other”, as the we can only change the world if we stand together