Hatha Yoga

Andy, Cofounder of Yogagold, is a Swiss Yoga-Teacher and Creative Director.

He attended his first yoga teacher training with the goal of learning more about the history and phi- losophy of yoga and cultivating his own practice.

In doing so, his curiosity was piqued even more, so more trainings quickly followed.

For Andy, yoga is not limited to one particular style or direction.

A certified Sivananda Yoga Acharya and Yin Yoga Teacher, he is always discovering new techniques and elements and creatively integrating them into his classes.

Each class is characterized by calm- ness and mindfulness.

As a teacher he is responsive to his students, helping them understand and experience the poses in depth.

His meditative voice helps them forget the stressful daily routine and rediscover their own center.


Class: Hatha Yoga – inspired by Sivananda

Take a journey back to the origins of yoga with a Hatha Yoga class – inspired by the traditional Sivan- anda teachings. The class is a moving meditation with concentration and awareness of the mind, body, breathing and spirit, that relaxes and energizes at the same time. Together we move from asa- na to asana, strengthening and stretching the body as the mind calms and the subtle energies that flow through us come into balance.