Acroyoga BeLeaf Retreat


Valentina Ballatore 13/04/1987 graduated in architecture, snowboard teacher, riding instructor, always sporty and curious (skating, climbing …) 3 years ago she discovers acroyoga which she falls in love with and a year ago she becomes a certified teacher Acrofusion

Giampiero Buganè 16/04/1985 degree in engineering for the food industry practicing swimming, snowboarding and cycling; 4 years ago he discovered acroyoga of which he was love at first sight, he devoted more and more time to it until he became a certified Acrofusion teacher last year

Valentina and Giampiero met during the training as acroyoga teachers Acrofusion and are the organizers together with 3 other acroyoga teachers of the BeLeaf Retreat project.

Acroyoga is an acrobatic discipline for couples (but you can also do figures and flows with more people) where one person, ” Base ”, supports another person, ” Flyer ”, allowing him to perform static poses and dynamic transitions between the various positions, obtaining a kind of dance called ” Flow ”. The third fundamental figure is that of the ” Spotter ” or that person who avoids accidental falls of the Flyer and guarantees the general safety of the working group during the practice.
AcroYoga combines the awareness of Yoga, the dynamism of Acrobatics and the relaxation of Thai Massage. The practice of this activity leads to training all the muscles, elasticity, coordination, balance and perception of the body in space.
Acroyoga is trust and complicity, working together to create something beautiful and harmonious.
the workshop will be open level suitable for everyone so even super beginners