Silvia Simonetto.

Yoga Taoist

Always interested in the knowledge and mysteries of life, philosophy, science, religion, spirituality and mysticism. Graduated in Philosophy, she started practicing Tai Chi Quan in 2001 with Maestro Marco Morena and Nei Dan, deepening the study of oriental philosophies.

Start teaching in 2008 Tai Chi Quan. Together he starts the practice of Asthanga Yoga with Maestro Marcello Muro, continuing his research in the field of Qi Gong and Taoist Yoga.

He specializes as a teacher of Yin Yoga and Asthanga Yiengar Yoga with the school of Goa.

In 2016 he opens the BioSphere school and in collaboration with the teacher Flavio Daniele deepens his research in the field of Internal Yoga Science in order to penetrate thinner planes of the energy of Yoga.

Saturday 29/08 h 17:00 – TaO Yoga